Jumping Castle & Bounce House Safety

YOU (The Lessee) agree to the following terms and conditions of hire from THE LITTLE PLAY CO (The Lessor). The Lessee hereby acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the Safety Guidelines as outlined. By proceeding with the booking, the Lessee accepts all terms of this safety information.

Bounce House Safety, Maintenance & Cleaning

The Little Play Co prides itself on safe practices. We are a small local business and have children of our own and we believe that your child’s safety is the main priority during any hire. Our bounce houses have been designed with this in mind, being small in height, means your children can get on and off easily. They all have mesh sides surrounding the bounce houses for added safety. This also allows you to have full view of your children while they are on the bounce houses and supervise accordingly. Our bounce houses have been manufactured specifically to fit in your home, hire venue or back garden and we supply all of the necessary hire equipment with your booking. We follow all manufacturers guidelines and instructions for safe use. All bounce houses (no matter the shape or size) will be anchored safely, even if indoors and safety mats are also provided. During installation, our staff conduct safety checks on all our equipment.

To anchor the bounce houses in the garden we use pegs, sand and water bags that exceed the minimum safety standards for anchor weight distribution. For indoors anchoring we use sand and water bags.

All our bounce houses under go annual independent inspections by a qualified engineer. We are compliant with all Worksafe requirements and our bounce houses all meet Australian Standards. All of our blowers come with an electrical safety switch to cut off power in case of any issues. We also have all of our electrical items tested every 3 months by Testing & Tagging.

We maintain a rigorous cleaning regime with all of our bounce houses and all equipment will be cleaned prior to use. We pride ourselves on providing clean hire items for your little ones to enjoy. We use hospital grade cleaning and sanitation solutions and conduct regular deep cleans and disinfectants on all of our hire items.

The Little Play Co staff are fully trained and Nationally Police checked.

Bounce House Adverse Weather Conditions

The Little Play Co will not install or operate any outdoor bounce houses in excessively wet and windy weather conditions.

We use a reputable weather tracker to keep regular checks on the forecast 7 days and 24 hours prior to the hire. If the forecast is bad or if it’s raining on the day of your booking we will contact you and check if the event is still going ahead. If the forecast is bad or displays any signs dangerous conditions and you are unable to have the hire indoors, we will cancel the booking. In this case a credit of hire will be given to be used within 12 months (once per booking).

For any outdoor hires, if it rains or if wind speeds exceed the maximum safe speed we will advise all customers to stop using the castle until the bad weather has passed. If the bad weather continues, the bounce houses will be deflated and the hire canceled.

It is The Little Play Co’s preference to operate all bounce house hires indoors. We reserve the right to refuse hire if we believe the hire location does not meet our minimum safety standards.

Bounce House Rules of Play

Your children’s safety is our priority but it is also your responsibility during the hire period. During installation of the bounce house you will be fully trained by The Little Play Co staff member on how to use the equipment, but also on how to supervise it. The Little Play Co staff member will carry out a risk assessment prior to use and ask that the supervisor for the hire is present while this is conducted. This ensures that the bounce houses are situated away from any possible hazards or obstacles, that the safety fence is securely erected around the blower, that all anchors have been attached and that all safety mats have been provided and situated correctly.


The Little Play Co will not provide hires to public events, markets, fetes of fairs as we do not provide operators for our bounce houses.

For private functions The Little Play Co staff member will provide training to the hirer on the day of the hire, prior to the event.

The hirer must agree to adhere to the following rules at a minimum:

•Children must remove footwear (except socks) and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects (such as buckles, pens, purses, badges, non-essential glasses etc) when on the bounce house.

•Children must not consume food or drink or chewing gum when on the bounce house.

•Children must not obstruct the exit of the bounce house. The hirer must not allow anyone the play on the step or safety mats in front of the bounce house.

•Children must not climb or hang on the walls of the bounce house.

•The hirer must confirm to device specific height restrictions to use the device (if applicable).

•The hirer must adhere to the manufacturers guidelines on the total capacity and weight limits of the bounce house at any one time. The hirer must ensure that the bounce house does not become overcrowded during the hire period, and if necessary direct children to exit and take turns.

•The hirer must’ve present and have a clear view of the bounce house at all times of the hire to ensure the children can safely enter and exit.

•The hirer must keep the children off and away from the bounce house when they are being inflated or deflated, or when not in use.

The children using the bounce houses must be supervised AT ALL TIMES.