Delivery & Setup

A delivery, set up and pack down fee will be applied on all bookings over 15km of South Lake 6164. If within 15kms of this, the fees are included in the hire price. This is calculated on the distance travelled in the 4 required trips for the hire (to the venue, return, to the venue and return) and can be seen below:

Up to 15km radius within 6164 Free Delivery

16km to 20km outside of 6164 $49

21km to 25km outside of 6164 $59

26km to 30km outside of 6164 $69

31km to 35km outside of 6164 $79

35km to 40km outside of 6164 $89

41km to 45km outside of 6164 $99

45km to 50km outside of 6164 $109

51km to 60km outside of 6164 $119

61km to 65km outside of 6164 $129

66km to 70km outside of 6164 $139

71km to 75km outside of 6164 $149


Anything outside of that please email for a quote (

Please allow at least an hour (for mini or full packages) and two hours (for mega or ultimate packages) prior to your event start time for our team to set up all of the equipment. Please ensure that the set up space is tidy and clean with no obstructions prior to the team entering the space to setup. Please also leave an hour for our team to pack down at the end of your event.

Please note that there will be applied charges for any hires that require our team to navigate excessive stairs, lifts and long distances to access the venue or space to setup.