A Little About Us

The Little Play Co is a small business owned and operated out of Perth, WA. We provide high quality, unique and stylish soft play equipment for children up to the age of five years.

All of our soft play items have been designed and manufactured with your child’s safety in mind with the added element of beautiful colours and luxurious finishes.


I'm a high energy first time Mamma with a passion for all things creative.

My daughter is the 'why' behind this business. She was born 4 months early, which led to a lot of medical complications, many of which are still ongoing.

Before my daughter's first birthday she was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy and at the advice of her Physiotherapist, I went in search of some soft play equipment so we could work on her motor skills at home in a safe environment.

Fast forward to her 1st birthday, this Mamma went all out with a Mermaid & Pirate themed event. A big and boujee blowout to celebrate the end of an extremely tough first year and to ring in the next year of adventures.

Due to the complexity of her medical issues and the amount of time spent in hospital or attending appointments, I was unable to return to work as a Social Worker which was the career I had been in all of my adult life.

It was after this party (and all the compliments I had received) that I realised how much fun I actually had setting everything up. I loved seeing my little girl and all the other kids on the soft play having the time of their lives and I knew then that it was something that I had to continue doing - with the added benefit of still being available to attend all of my daughters weekday medical and therapy appointments.

This is when The Little Play Co was born!