Cancellation & Wet Weather

You may cancel your booking at any time, by notifying us in writing at:

Where you wish to cancel, the following applies:

Notice Given



Prior to seven (7) days notice

Booking Fee of $250 is credited to a date within twelve months from original Booking date

Less than seven (7) days notice

Booking Fee of $250 is non-refundable

Less than forty eight (48) hours notice

Full forfeiture of all hire fee minus the $250 Security Bond (this will be returned by means of Bank Transfer)


Postponements are treated as cancellations, in accordance with Clause 9.2 of the hire agreement.

It is imperative that you have a wet weather plan (back up option) which allows for an indoor hire option should the weather be unsuitable for an outdoor hire on the day of your event. Refunds or credits will not be given in the event that wet weather impacts your event on the day. During periods of severe weather conditions (heavy rain, high winds, storms etc), we reserve the right to cancel your booking. Our soft play is not waterproof and can not be setup on ground that has been previously soaked by rain as this can cause damage to our equipment. Should this be the case the hire will be subject to our Cancellation Policy outlined above.

We will monitor the weather in the week leading up to your event and be in contact with you should we feel the need to for you to make alternative plans regarding your outdoor hire or if no back up option is in place, a cancellation would be necessary.